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In defining the strategies for taking care of people affected by chronic pathologies, it is assuming a growing importance the choice of combining the medical assistance provided to the patient in Hospital and the assistance at home, according to a perspective of permanent and continuous care.


The aims of the Heppy project are:

  • Identification of best practices in the field of home care assistance for patients with disabilities or chronic diseases
  • Development of a training programme addressed to professional providers of home care assistance
  • Collection of experiences of both health assistance providers and home based patients

Target Groups

The project is addressed to:

  • Professionals health carers
  • Patients with disabilities or chronic diseases
  • The Health Sector Community


The project is organised into 4 main activities:

A) Research Activity

Research to achieve a better understanding on the organisation of services of continuous assistance (Hospitalisation, home care and social services) delivered to patients with disabilities and/or chronic diseases. The research is carried out making reference to existing publications and reports as well as identification of case studies

  • Result

Identification of best practices
Report on home care assistance
Identification of the profile of the home health carer

B) Creation of Training Package

The training package aims to provide home health carers with the skills to develop an holistic approach to the patient’s case.

  • Result

Availability of Training Package for home health carers

C) Training of the health care givers

Testing of the created training package and sharing of information about the most effective approaches and practices in the field of the organisation and delivery of Home care assistance.

  • Result

Acquisition of skills by the training course participants

D) Collection of experiences

Assessment of the application of the skills acquired during the training course in the everyday practice of home health care providers and collection of their testimonials and experiences.

Collection of feedbacks from patients and their relatives.

  • Result

Testimonials of the health care providers, patients and their relatives.


The main project expected results are:

  • Profile of the Home Health Carer

Definition of the profile of the Home Health Carer identifying the skills and knowledge that a Health carer assisting patients with disabilities and /or chronic diseases, should have in order to take into consideration and manage effectively the combination of aspects, social, economic, cultural that affect its needs.

  • Training Course

Development of an e-learning based training package based on 2 main experimental approaches: Narrative Medicine and Parents Pedagogy with the aim of providing home assistance, with the skills to effectively get in contact with the families and get to know well the personal story, character and needs of their patients.

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